1500 South

Most of us daydream about how we’ll react when we meet an amazing Chef in person. Will we play it cool? Will we be all too consumed with fan girliness? Will your two year old daughter deem their mac-n-cheese not good enough and demand ranch to them DIRECTLY??

Yeah…so that happened.

Chef Art Smith (former private Chef to Oprah Winfrey, Florida Governors…etc…) opened a new restaurant here in Naples FL a few months ago, 1500 South, and last night, not only were they giving 10% of their proceeds to #DineOutOrlando but Mr. Chef Art Smith HIMSELF was there schmoozing with all of his guests.

And Jennifer LOVES Chef Art Smith.

So we packed up her cookbooks and made reservations for the three of us, her, me and my two year old daughter Evelyn (Evy), for that night. Jennifer and I had gone there for breakfast during their soft opening in April and it was to die for. I had been dreaming of trying his famous fried chicken and biscuits ever since.

The staff there is incredible. Super nice and attentive.

And then Chef Art Smith comes by. He asks how everything is, and how it tastes, and then he looks over at Evy…sweet sweet Evy…and asks her, HER, “And how is your mac-n-cheese, sweetheart?” and she says to him, clear as damn day, “I want ranch.”.


What can I say, the girl got balls. I mean, I didn’t even ask for salt (and I ALWAYS ask for salt).

And without missing a beat, Chef Art Smith (God love him) yells out to his staff “WE NEED SOME RANCH OVER HERE! SOMEBODY GET ME SOME RANCH!”.

And they did. We’re pretty sure they whipped it up special just for her. It was made with fresh herbs and was delightful! Evy approved.

Chef Art Smith was an amazing sport about it. So personable and sweet. He spent a good amount of time with us at our table and not only signed Jennifer’s cookbooks for her but even took a photo with Evy (It was actually HIS idea to pick her up and surprisingly she let him).


Dine Out for Orlando United

by Stephanie




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