A little bit about Stephanie

So here’s just a little something about me when it comes to cooking and the recipes I share here…

Recipes are like a road map. If you follow the recipe exactly, you will make exactly what it says. However, who here has never detoured on a road trip? Anyone? Anyone?

Exactly. And it was fun, too, wasn’t it?

A recipe should be an inspiration. You should taste your food, and not just when you’re done cooking. If we never detoured from a recipe we wouldn’t have all of the amazing foods we have today. Don’t be afraid!

TASTE your food.

And that’s why a lot of my recipes will have approximates. I do TRY to give you real measurements but sometimes you just gotta throw a handful of something in there. What I like a lot of, you may only like a little of. I can’t tell you how many times I followed a recipe exactly and ended up ruining it simply because my tastes are not the same as the author’s tastes.

Stop being afraid. Start out small…you can always add more.

Also, if I tell you a specific brand in a recipe, I tell you for a reason. Can you use Kraft mayo instead of Hellman’s? Sure! But don’t bitch if it doesn’t taste good (you’ll read more about that later). 9 times out of 10 I have tried other brands and found that it DOES make a difference.

Quality is quality no matter how much shit you throw at it. If you use a brand that doesn’t taste as good, your food won’t taste as good. Now, does that mean you have to use name brand everything? Hell no! Name brand is not always the best brand. But don’t skimp out on quality food unless you’re making it for someone you really don’t like…then go for the cheapest shit you can buy.

*image is not my own but I need to find that coffee cup and make it my bitch.

by Stephanie


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  1. koolaidmoms says:

    Yes!!! A thousand time yes! Make it your own.

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