Caprese Salad Salad

One of my party pet peeves is food that needs a knife. If it’s a sit down affair, fine. But if I’m expected to stand or walk around and mingle, how the hell am I supposed to cut that damn food AND balance that itty bitty plate, all without food flinging all over the place? You can’t. That’s why when we plan a party we try to make it “forks or less”.

In the past, Jennifer and I have done a finger food version of a Caprese salad and it was amazing! But with 60+ guests expected, I did not want to skewer 200+ tiny tomatoes and mozzarella balls so I did the next best thing…

Caprese Salad Salad.

And it was beautiful. Super simple yet elegant enough for a holiday dinner party.

Now, the measurements for this are going to be open because it really depends on how much you’re wanting to make. Don’t be afraid of it! After all, who doesn’t love leftover grape tomatoes? Plus, there are plenty of dishes you can make with extra mozzarella balls, so don’t fret.


  • Grape tomatoes (I used a mixture of yellow and red)
  • Small mozzarella balls
  • Fresh Basil, julienned
  • Mixed spring greens
  • Balsamic glaze

Drain mozzarella balls and place aside. In your serving dish, lay out the mixed spring greens, then the grape tomatoes, next the mozzarella balls, sprinkle the top with the basil and last, drizzle the whole thing with the balsamic glaze.

You could easily do separate mini salads for multiple people or just place on a large serving dish and allow people to serve themselves. This is something that will take only minutes to make but will wow your guests!


by Stephanie





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