The Food

Jennifer and I love planning and throwing parties. We could totally make a career out of it if we gave up at least one or two of our other careers. Over the years, we’ve gotten a system down with what works, what doesn’t, what do we buy and what do we make. There are just some things that are better (and cheaper) to buy in the store. Especially when the two people throwing the wedding are the bride and the photographer. We needed as much food as possible that could either be prepped and cooked ahead of time or bought and served. Also, our saving grace was hiring someone to help set up and refill. I am only one person and while I may be awesome, I am no Wonder Woman.

The majority of the food we either made or prepared. Very little was ready-made purchased. A couple of my “go-to” purchases are Mini Quiches and Deli Spirals/Pinwheels. They make an appearance at almost every single one of our parties.

Here is a breakdown of everything we served that day:


by Stephanie


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