The Decorations

Jennifer and I have crafting ADD. It’s a real problem, yo. Going into a craft store for us is like a kid going into a candy store on crack.

We spend a lot of money in craft stores.

On the bright side, it has enabled us to tackle things such as a DIY wedding. Why spend exorbitant amounts of money on premade wedding decorations when we can spend an exorbitant amount of money AND time making them!? Ok, so maybe we didn’t spend THAT much money, but it felt like it. And I’m pretty sure my husband would have divorced me a few times had it not been for the pizza I brought home to make up for being out the entire day and until 11:00 at night crafting on multiple occasions.

These decorations were somewhat easy to make and there was no hot glue involved to scar Jennifer. Bonus! The flowers gave us the hardest time because they kept wanting to float. Had we started on these earlier instead of the night before the wedding, we probably could have figured out an easy fix but we’ve never been one to do things  the “easy way”. Easy is for suckas and my Momma didn’t raise no sucka.

So here’s the best part. All of the glassware…we bought at the Dollar Tree. Yup. That’s right. Michael’s Arts and Crafts can suck it. They wanted anywhere from $3-10+ for each piece, which is ridic. We did end up buying all of the glass beads from them, though (that’s where the exorbitant amount of money comes from) because Jennifer didn’t want just plain blue like they had at the Dollar Tree. We also had to buy the candles twice because somebody left them in their car, in Florida, in the summer, for a few weeks. In case you were curious…yes, candle wax will melt through plastic wrappings…yes, wax will melt through the bottom of a heavy cardboard box…and yes, wax will melt into your car’s back seat making a hard wax shell within the seat and upholstery. This totally made up for when I left the sealing wax for the invitations in my car and they melted together.

The flowers we purchased fresh from a local store. In hindsight, fake would have been just fine and easier to work with, but we had no idea what we were doing so flowers in abundance seemed like the way to go.

As for the toys? Well, those were the ones that wouldn’t fit on The Cake.

Then all you have to do is pour in the beads, fill with water, drop in your flowers and toys then top with a floating (non-premelted) candle. And Voila! You got decorations for days!


by Stephanie


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