The Cake

There is no other place to conclude this journey behind the scenes of my wedding than with the ultimate moment…the one I had been planning and dreaming of for years..the thought that had kept me up at nights, just hoping and praying I would find a way to make it happen. That’s right, The Cake.

Because this wasn’t just ANY cake. This was a mammoth, 360° cake of epic nerdy proportions.

This was something I had been dreaming of since before Joe and I even started dating. I wanted something that would incorporate who I WAS and who I AM. From childhood to now. My Little Pony to Supernatural to Star Wars. All on a cake and in no particular order. And how does one do that, you ask? Why by collecting as many toy and action figures as I could. I wanted a Stargate, various spaceships, random characters fighting, the Hogwarts Express, and Snoopy. I wanted it all and amazingly I got it thanks to Mikkelson’s Pastry Shop.

Now, this was no episode of Ace of Cakes. These were not inherently nerdy people we were working with. As a matter of fact, when I walked in with four HUGE bags of action figures (in my defense, they were all still in their original boxes) the eyes went wide, sweat started beading on their brows and I’m pretty sure they were trying to figure out a polite way of backing out. I mean, I HAD explained to them my “vision”, but theory and reality are two very different things.

Once we discussed using false layers to get the size where we needed it to be without baking enough cake to feed a small country in Europe (and once all of the figures and toys were out of their boxes) they started to relax some. We also decided that the traditional size top layer would be too small (I had a Stargate especially 3D printed to go with the Bride and Groom Halo figures) so we nixed that one and went straight to the second layer. What can I say? I’m a rebel.

Was I worried the vision wouldn’t measure up with reality? Absolutely. I won’t lie, it kept me up quite a few nights. I mean, I hadn’t spent the last however many years dreaming of white dresses and flowers. No! I had dreamt of this CAKE.


And then the day was here. My CAKE Day…I mean my WEDDING Day.

My blogging partner/photographer/BFF was busy slaving away on the food while I was in the other room getting beautified when I decided I needed to take a small break. I started to walk out into the living room when suddenly Stephanie starts yelling at me to stop. I’m pretty sure she said something along the lines of “DON’T YOU FUCKING COME IN HERE! GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THERE AND SO HELP ME GOD IF ANYONE GIVES HER A PICTURE I WILL MURDER YOU!” Apparently, my break would have to wait.

A short while later, she came back into the bedroom, told me to close my eyes and not peek, then started leading me out into the house. And she managed to only run me into two walls during the process.

But then she told me to open my eyes…

And there it was…



And it was fantastic…

It was a true 360° wonderment, displayed as a centerpiece in the middle of the living room with all of the furniture pushed aside as to not detract from the amazement of it all.

People took VIDEOS of it. There wasn’t even a full video taken of our VOWS.


And we all lived happily ever after…eating cake…for a week…

by Jennifer



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